Wednesday, January 10, 2007

General Training - Writing

Task 1 writing a letter

You have had a bank account for a few years. Recently you received a letter from the bank stating that your account is $240 overdrawn and that you will be charged $70 which will be taken directly from your account. You know that this information is incorrect. Write a letter to the bank. Explain what has happened and say what you would like them to do about it.


The Overseas Students` Club is organising an excursion to a local tourist spot.

You are thinking of joining the excursion. Your examiner is one of the organisers.

Ask the examiner about: destination, means of transport, length of excursion, cost, meals, clothing/equipment

Select an authentic tourist destination about two hours` drive from your city.

Provide the following information according to local facts:

Details about what can be seen/done there

Special bus provided

Departure and arrival times

Suggest appropriate local cost

• Meals not provided — students can buy or bring food

• Walking shoes recommended


You have some library books that you are unable to return as a member of your family in another city has fallen sick and you have had to go and look after them.

Example Large tree grows just near your house, producing troubles for you. Write a letter to local authority explaining this problem, discuss the ways of its resolution and make enquiries about financial aspect.


You find that your study load is too heavy. Write a letter to your college teacher explaining why you need to withdraw from two courses. Ask if it is possible to obtain a refund.


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