Sunday, January 14, 2007

IELTS Speaking

Test - taking tips

What should you do when you take the IELTS speaking Test? Here are some suggestions about how to manage the test as successfully as possible.

Speak as much as you can

The most important thing you can do in the Speaking Test is to speak as much as possible. You should speak far more thatn the xaminer, who should mainly be listening to waht you are saying. If the examiner has ato speak more thatn you do, you won't do well in the test. Especially in Parts 2 and 3 of the test, give as much information as possible to answers and don't ever give one-word answers.

Speak at a reasonable volume and speed

Speak at an appropriate volume for the examiner to hear you comfortably. Don't whisper and don't shout. Direct your voice at the examiner and not at the tape recorder on the desk. Remember, that if you speak too softly, you may appear lacking in confidence.

Also, be aware that when you are nervous, you will tend to speak more quickly. This may make it more difficult for the examiner to understand you, particularly if you have pronunciation problems.

[Source: Focusing on IELTS - Kerry O' Sullivan and Steven Thurlow]

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